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Everyone has different website needs.

Great Ape offers a wide variety of services to help you with yours.

Website Design

Whether you are an international corporation or a Ma and Pa shop, odds are you need a good website. Your website should reflect what your business stands for so that your customers can know exactly what your company stands for, just by visiting your website. Great Ape works with you to design the website that fits all of your needs, both functionally and aesthetically.

Responsive Design

Customers want to access your site wherever they are on whatever device they are using. You want your customers to have the same great experience on any device. At Great Ape we create responsive websites, sites that can adjust to every screen width. This ensures that customers have the same great experience on consistent message.

Wordpress Web Design

Like managing your own content and just need someone to get your site off the ground? Great Ape also creates Wordpress websites for our customers. Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows its users to easily create and edit pages without needing to know a single line of code. We will help you select a theme and set up your site. We will even teach you how to edit pages yourself so that you can easily make changes on your own.

Web Hosting

Great Ape works with you to determine what hosting provider is best for you. Already have hosting for your current website? You can keep that provider! Brand new to hosting and want some suggestions? We have them for you! Don’t want to worry about hosting at all? We can handle everything for you so that you never have to worry about it!

Logo Design

To attract customers, your brand needs to stand out. Have an old logo that could use an upgrade? Great Ape can improve it! Don’t have a logo or want a completely new logo? Great Ape has experience creating unique logos for a wide variety of clients from many industries. Make sure that your logo helps your company stand out with the right logo, sending the right message.

Web Maintenance

Whether you want a hand on or a hassle free experience, Great Ape has you covered. For hands on Content Management Systems such as Wordpress allow you to easily edit and add content on your own. For those who want a hassle free experience with managing your confidence, Great Ape can handle all of your website edits and updates for you. Whichever approach works better for you, Great Ape is happy to accommodate.

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