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Great Ape works with all types of companies, but there are some industries we have more experience with.


From doctor offices to physical therapists, we know what it takes to make an impactful healthcare website. We make information easy to find and access for current and future patients. We also make it easy for new patients to reach out and schedule an appointment. Not only will your site be clean and crisp, it will also be functional and easy to navigate for patients of any age.

Small Business

Your company is your baby, and you have to make all of the decisions to ensure that it continues to grow. Great Ape makes your choice of web design an easy one. We understand the needs of a small business, because we are one, and we have experience working with small businesses from a wide variety of industries. Let us get to know your company so we can make the perfect site to reflect your vision and help your business continue to grow.

Personal Sites

Portfolios, bands, even a bar crawl website, Great Ape takes on any challenge when it comes to making your personal site. Personal sites are as unique as the person they are made for. Make sure that your site reflects exactly your vision is. Work hand in hand with Great Ape to sculpt the look and feel of your brand new personal site. For more control, make your site a Wordpress site. This works especially well for blogs that you can publish your content on your own schedule.

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